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fabbrica birra perugia

The Birra Perugia factory was born in the second half of the 19th century by the will of a man from Milan, who moved to Umbria, who brought with him and introduced, for the first time there, the beer skills typical of the Austro-Hungarian areas.

From there the history of the new Perugia beer starts. Antonio and his partners, in 10 long years, have managed to bring together the skills and forces to make their dream come true, and for just over a year, Birra Perugia has been on the market with its own varieties of craft beers that harvest prizes all over Europe.

The beer produced does not follow the historical production. Now the production, in line with current tastes, is about Ale high fermented beers.

The classic line has three types of beer:

– the Golden Ale

– the American Red Ale

– the Chocolate Porter

The three classics have recently been joined by more complex productions, intended for an audience of enthusiasts and “savvy” connoisseurs.

The “creative” line has two types:

Suburbia, an IPA created in collaboration with a Master Brewer from Parma originally from Perugia;

Calibro 7, slightly more complex beer, made with seven hops.

Craft beer differs from industrial beer in the preponderant and indispensable contribution of man, both on the creative side and in the realization phase; moreover it does not have any chemical additives or preservatives, and has a low presence of carbon dioxide. Conservation is possible only thanks to the addition of yeasts that allow a second fermentation in the bottle. It is not as clear as the industrial one, due precisely to the presence of bottled yeasts and therefore not being filtered.

The Golden Ale is the simplest to drink and the most difficult to make, so simple and transparent that any dissonant note would be immediately caught. Fresh, creamy, with a citrus scent, highly drinkable, full at the entrance and with a slight bitter tip in the tail. Absolutely delicious.

Let’s move on to Calibro 7, more complex for the presence of seven hops but no less pleasant for this. With intense, tropical aromatic notes of mango and citrus, with the presence of 7 hops that accentuate the bitter scent. Definitely a summer beer, albeit drinkable at any time of the year.

It differs from Suburbia which, on the contrary, being an IPA, presents earthy and rainy, autumnal hints.

“Drink to remember” is the writing that stands out inside the room. And the experience of visiting the factory in Pontenuovo di Torgiano is certainly worth remembering, where it is possible to get closer, even as a novice, to this fragrant and varied world, and where beers can be tasted, understood, appreciated and purchased.

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