The Fossil Forest of Dunarobba in Avigliano Umbro

fossil forest foresta fossile di dunarobba

The Fossil Forest of Dunarobba, in Avigliano Umbro, is a paleontological site of global importance   Between two and three million years ago, an immense forest of giant sequoias with tall and imposing trunks overlooked the shores of a large lake, populated by a varied fauna teeming with life. It was the Pliocene, that great transition period that saw the…

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“Dolce sentire”: Father Mario and the Alleluya Band from Malawi to Spello

alleluya band malawi

Afternoon of great emotions and deep meditation thanks to Father Mario Pacifici and the Alleluya Band who brought their testimonies welcomed by the municipal administration of the city of Spello. Malawi, a small state in sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the smallest, overcrowded and poorest nations in the world. These few details are enough to immediately frame what difficulty the…

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Hot air balloons. We meet the Seghers: a passion driven by the wind

segehrs mongolfiere balloons

Curiosity, behind the scenes, everything you ever wanted to ask about hot air balloons and you never dared: we interview Jos and Karin Seghers, veterans of the Italian International Baloon Grand Prix that is taking place in the skies of Todi. The spectacle of colored skies from hot air balloons returns to Todi with the Italian International Baloon Grand Prix…

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Guido Calori Museum in San Gemini

guido calori

The rooms of the museum dedicated to the works of Guido Calori overlook the cloister of an ancient convent of Poor Clares, devoted to welcoming pilgrims who traveled to and from Rome along the Via Flaminia. Born in Rome in 1883, self-taught, Guido Calori dealt with multiple themes and approached different artistic techniques, as well as being a man of…

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Interviews. John R. Pepper introduces his exhibition “Inhabited Deserts”

inhabited deserts

Officially inaugurated on October 3rd, the photographic exhibition “Inhabited Deserts” by John R. Pepper, curated by Kirill Petrin and Gianluca Marziani, can be visited in Todi, until November 28th, 2020. Fifty-three large-format images tell of a three-year and 18,000-kilometer journey to discover the most remote and unexplored deserts in the world and a symbolic journey into the unknown corners of…

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Giancarlo Esposito will be in Todi for “Inhabited Deserts” exhibition

giancarlo esposito

Giancarlo Esposito, famous American actor and director, will be in Todi on October 3rd for the inauguration of the photographic exhibition by John R. Pepper “Inhabited Deserts”. Also appreciated as an art creator, Esposito created for the occasion a work inspired by Picasso’s “Dove of Peace”, transforming one of John Pepper’s evocative photos of deserts into a bloody pacifist manifesto:…

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Raphael ‘s signature on the banner of Corpus Domini in Gubbio


A very young Raphael, still in his father’s workshop, collaborated in the realization of the Gonfalone del Corpus Domini of Gubbio, commissioned by the Gubbio brotherhood to Giovanni Santi. This is what emerged from the last restoration to which the work was subjected, unfortunately significantly damaged, now exhibited in the splendid church of Santa Maria dei Laici (known as “dei…

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The devil hides in the details: disturbing presences in Umbrian churches

diavolo devil

“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell” Shakespeare said, this time the devil fell in two well known Umbrian churches: one located in Perugia and the other in Assisi. The basilica of San Pietro in Perugia, the most beautiful and richest church in the Umbrian capital, erected for the glory of San Benedetto and his order and in eternal…

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Discovering the paths of Orvieto Underground


Orvieto underground is one of the underground paths that characterize the subsoil of Orvieto. It is more or less 3000 years that Orvieto has been digging in the tuff block on which the city stands. Almost every house contains tunnels and caves, still mainly used as cellars, but used, over time, for the most varied uses. Perforated therefore by a…

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Cesi Palace, a noble residence in Acquasparta

monti martani s. valentino festival federico cesi palazzo cesi palace acquasparta la camicia del pittore monti martani

Cesi Palace is the noble residence of Federico Cesi, duke of Acquasparta, known as “Il Linceo” (his symbol was a lynx, constantly repeated in the palace decorations), that lies in the center of the ancient town of Acquasparta, in Umbria. Built in the 17th century on the ruins of a fortress, the Palace, with severe lines, experienced a period of…

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Bevagna. The archeological site of Urvinum Hortense

urvinum hortense

Urvinm Hortense lies on a high plateau near Collemancio, near the most famous Bevagna in Umbria, more than 500 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire Tiber valley and from where the ancient Municipality of Urvinum Hortense dominated the other inhabited centers of the area, all located at lower altitudes: Assisi, Spello,…

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