Cesi Palace, a noble residence in Acquasparta

palazzo cesi palace acquasparta la camicia del pittore

Cesi Palace is the noble residence of Federico Cesi, duke of Acquasparta, known as “Il Linceo” (his symbol was a lynx, constantly repeated in the palace decorations), that lies in the center of the ancient town of Acquasparta, in Umbria. Built in the 17th century on the ruins of a fortress, the Palace, with severe lines, experienced a period of…

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Bevagna. The archeological site of Urvinum Hortense

urvinum hortense

Urvinm Hortense lies on a high plateau near Collemancio, near the most famous Bevagna in Umbria, more than 500 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the entire Tiber valley and from where the ancient Municipality of Urvinum Hortense dominated the other inhabited centers of the area, all located at lower altitudes: Assisi, Spello,…

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Civitella del Lago. Ovo Pinto: a museum, an art competition, a guided tour

Museo Ovo Pinto

After a period of great uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Civitella del Lago, in Umbria, the cultural proposals start again with the Museo dell’Ovo Pinto, the Exhibition and guided visits to the Museum and the archaeological area of ​​Scoppieto. The Ovo Pinto 2020 Competition Exhibition, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been postponed to August. The competition…

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Discovering Umbria: the Civic Museum of Bevagna

bevagna civic museum

Already in the entrance, the Civic Museum of Bevagna testifies the ancient origins of the town, thanks to the exposed stone artefacts of Roman origin, found in the area and collected by the abbot Fabio Alberti in the 18th century. The town, known for the Mercato delle Gaite, the appointment that celebrates its medieval period, has its roots in the…

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A tasty recipe: Focaccia with burrata cheese, mortadella and pistachios

recipe focaccia con burrata mortadella e pistacchio

The recipe of Focaccia with burrata cheese, mortadella and pistachios is a delicious idea suggested by La dispensa di Ilenia, that, in its simplicity, offers a complexity of perfumes and aromas that tell about the products of excellence of the Italian peninsula. The soft focaccia, which owes its name to the Latin focus (fire), has origins that could even date…

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From El Greco to Perugino: wonders from the Bettona Museum

el greco museo di bettona

The Bettona Museum houses an archaeological section and an art gallery full of works of significant historical and artistic interest Bettona, an Etruscan, later Roman, city, a delightful village to be discovered, houses a museum that contains very valuable works that wind between Palazzo Biancalana, which houses the archaeological section, and Palazzo del Podestà where the art gallery is located.…

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Todi | The Painted House: ancient and contemporary suggestions

painted house la-casa-dipinta-finestra-sulla-notte

The Painted House in Todi is an original mix of archaic, ancient and modern cultures, as original as the artist who conceived this experience: Brian O’Doherty. He adopted the pseudonym of Patrick Ireland in 1972, after the events of the Bloody Sunday in Derry, to denounce the repressive attitude of the British government towards the Irish claims. Then he decreed…

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Giuditta Brozzetti textile workshop in Perugia

tessuto giuditta brozzetti artigianato

The Giuditta Brozzetti textile workshop produces precious handmade fabrics inspired by the medieval and Renaissance Umbrian tradition thanks to ancient looms. The place: San Francesco delle Donne, a church now deconsecrated within the walls of the ancient city of Perugia, dedicated to the Saint of Assisi and erected when he was still alive, built on the place he chose as…

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The Knights Templar in Umbria: the church of San Bevignate

san bevignate perugia

The church of San Bevignate in Perugia is a very precious and rare testimony of the presence of the Templars in this region. The order of the Knights Templar has always exerted an immense charm. The story of the powerful knight monks, whose original task was to defend pilgrims going to the Holy Land, has always given rise to mysteries…

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The ancient “Villa dei Mosaici” in Spello

villa dei mosaici di spello

The Villa dei Mosaici in Spello is a suburban villa of the imperial age, dating back to the II – III century a.C., features 500 square meters of polychrome mosaics of fine workmanship, belonging to the central body of the building of which 14 different rooms have been found. The rooms, named according the iconography of their mosaics, feature geometric…

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La Valle, a naturalistic oasis on Trasimeno lake

la valle oasis

The La Valle Oasis is a naturalistic paradise on Lake Trasimeno. The large mirror of the Trasimeno lake, because of its peculiarities, is unique in the world. Vast and at the same time not very deep (its maximum depth is 6.5 meters), it is a closed lake, with no intakes, whose level is regulated only by rain. For these prerogatives,…

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The Beverly Pepper Park in Todi

beverly pepper park

Beverly Pepper Park was opened on September 14th, 2019 in Todi: the Parco della Rocca, located on the top of the acropolis, now houses several works by the famous American artist who, for fifty years unitl her death, chose Todi as his home. Beverly Pepper donated to the city of Todi the twenty works from different artistic periods made of…

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