Encounters. Agatino Scuderi: music is a serious game

todi buona musica agatino scuderi evocaciòn le baroque

I had the great pleasure to meet Maestro Agatino Scuderi during my recent stay in Sicily, at the International Guitar Meeting organized by him, now in its ninth edition.

I would like to mention briefly the importance of the figure of the Maestro Scuderi in the music world of the classical guitar, remembering his tireless efforts in spreading the knowledge and appreciation of this instrument and the music composed for it. Constantly engaged in concerts and recitals in every corner of the world, he teaches, as Professor of Classical Guitar at the Institute of Musical Studies “V. Bellini” in Catania.

Agatino tells me about his childhood, born into a family of musicians, he says he was, from an early age, ” genetically ” attracted by music, and after having approached various instruments, at the age of 12 years his passion for the classic guitar broke out, a passion that still pervades him, and it’s still growing, judging by the light that shines in his eyes when he talks about his work.

Always accompanied by the sweet wife Concetta, love of his life, quiet support and secure presence all times, Agatino tells me about sacrifices made to study. The long journeys from Catania, his hometown, to Rome, to take classes, and then gradually, to Spain, where he studied with Alirio Diaz, the last student, in turn, of the famous Andrés Segovia.

The strange paths of life led me only recently to discover the world of classical guitar, so I speak only with my heart and not with knowledge, but, when Agatino Scuderi plays his Giussani, the deep vibrations and emotions, amplified to the nth power, inspire, in the listener, the passion and the love he feels for his instrument and his music .

He customizes the tracks with its impetus and his talent, but never distorts their nature and the feelings of the author, and succeeds, in making available for everybody, complex music as songs by contemporary authors, which require, in contrast to classical ones, total concentration.

The title I have chosen is due to the amazing playfulness with which Agatino arises as a person and as an artist, the listener has the impression of a simple execution, which, in the case of his instrument above all, is not simple at all. Playfulness that surely also denotes the extreme mastery of the instrument gained by his experience and his splendid career.

Playfulness with which sometimes he faces unexpected situations during a performance, for example, and the extreme luminosity and generosity of his character, a true reflection of his land, warm and welcoming, just ready to make you feel part of it.

Benedetta Tintillini

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