Encounters. Roberto Sebastianelli: I always dream about flowers

Roberto Sebastianelli

A multi-sensory experience: a joy for the eyes, a delight for the palate, a poem for the sense of smell. All this and much more is Roberto Sebastianelli ‘s food.

Born in Senigallia, he won the World Championship in 1998 in Luxembourg, and, not satisfied of the traditional gastronomy, gives free rein to his imagination and his dreamy mood .

Roberto Sebastianelli’s meticulous method and creativity come together to achieve a unique result, able to transmit on those who try his cuisine, unique feelings, well-being, positivity.

I met Roberto in Spello, during the flower festival period, and he told me about his passion and project . He tells me that the flowers used to prepare his dishes are directly grown, and, thing that hardly anyone knows, many varieties of flowers that we know and we appreciate only for their beauty such as roses, pansies or begonias, are also very good and healthy to eat. There are about 50 different species of edible flowers, low in fat and rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins. Strong of his studies and his experience in the kitchen he gives free rein to his art. Because in this case the real Culinary Arts is what we’re talking about. In the deepest meaning of the word.

The artist creates always changing works as is Roberto Sebastianelli ’s kitchen, and through them conveys his message of physical, but also spiritual , positivity, as well as transmitting part of himself . His dishes are as colorful as the flowers he uses , he tells me that through studies, experiments, attempts , he managed to re-propose and preserve the brilliant colors of nature. The aromas are intense and enveloping, and capture our senses. What about the flavor. The experience and expertise of Roberto in dealing with raw materials means that the ingredients retain their nutritional offering, at the same time, an intense and delicate on the palate.

” Fiorfrì ” in Ostra Vetere near Ancona is the realization of Roberto’s dream, who runs the restaurant with his partners, the place where, through his original ideas, he dreams and makes you dream.

by Benedetta Tintillini

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  1. Ciao Benedetta, grazie di seguirmi e complimenti anche a te per il tuo sito, molto interessante. Grazie anche di avermi nominato, spero non ti dispiaccia che non colgo l’occasione ma i premi non mi hanno mai trattato (che ci vuoi fare, sono sempre stato così) 🙂
    Ti seguirò con piacere in questa tua avventura.

  2. ..non mi hanno mai attratto..volevo dire.

    1. 🙂 grazie per tuo apprezzamento che ricambio. Buona serata!

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