Civitella del Lago. Ovo Pinto: a museum, an art competition, a guided tour

Museo Ovo Pinto

After a period of great uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Civitella del Lago, in Umbria, the cultural proposals start again with the Museo dell’Ovo Pinto, the Exhibition and guided visits to the Museum and the archaeological area of ​​Scoppieto.

The Ovo Pinto 2020 Competition Exhibition, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been postponed to August. The competition organized by the Ovo Pinto Association of Civitella del Lago (TR) is open to everybody, artists and non-artists, young and old, and to all kind of eggs as long as they are natural, decorated with any technique, both with free themes or made on inspiration of the special theme which, this year, celebrates the magic of cinema.

The exhibition of the works in competition will be open from August 1st to August 30th, 2020, according to the current provisions regarding the preventive measures of coronavirus contagion, such as the awarding of the winning works, scheduled for August 30, 2020. In addition to the prize pool offered by the organization for the winning works of the XXXII Ovo Pinto competition, this year too, Liberovo, the company that produces organic eggs of Montecastrilli (TR) official sponsor of the competition, will offer a Special Prize for the most voted work by the visitors of the Exhibition Competition, while Uwe Heller, a German entrepreneur and longtime friend and supporter of the event, promotes for the second year the Special Fantasy Award, for the most imaginative work.

The Museo dell’Ovo Pinto, after the forced closure, is ready to reopen in safety only by reservation from next Sunday June 14th, and becomes part of an interesting visit circuit: starting from Sunday 21 June, every third Sunday of the month until October, it is possible to participate to a guided tour circuit with compulsory reservation which includes an excursion to the Scoppieto archaeological site and a visit to the Museo dell’Ovo Pinto with departure at 10 from Civitella del Lago to the Archaeological Area and return; the guided tour requires a minimum of 10 participants, the itinerary is suitable for everyone and runs along the scenic roads and paths of the Tiber River Park: hiking (E); linear trend; overall length: 5 km round trip. Activities organized by Associazione Acqua for information and reservations please call the guides: 328 5430394.

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