The devil hides in the details: disturbing presences in Umbrian churches

diavolo devil

“Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell” Shakespeare said, this time the devil fell in two well known Umbrian churches: one located in Perugia and the other in Assisi. The basilica of San Pietro in Perugia, the most beautiful and richest church in the Umbrian capital, erected for the glory of San Benedetto and his order and in eternal…

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Giuditta Brozzetti textile workshop in Perugia

tessuto giuditta brozzetti artigianato

The Giuditta Brozzetti textile workshop produces precious handmade fabrics inspired by the medieval and Renaissance Umbrian tradition thanks to ancient looms. The place: San Francesco delle Donne, a church now deconsecrated within the walls of the ancient city of Perugia, dedicated to the Saint of Assisi and erected when he was still alive, built on the place he chose as…

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The Knights Templar in Umbria: the church of San Bevignate

san bevignate perugia

The church of San Bevignate in Perugia is a very precious and rare testimony of the presence of the Templars in this region. The order of the Knights Templar has always exerted an immense charm. The story of the powerful knight monks, whose original task was to defend pilgrims going to the Holy Land, has always given rise to mysteries…

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