The ancient “Villa dei Mosaici” in Spello

villa dei mosaici di spello incontri per le strade 2021 athena promakos

The Villa dei Mosaici in Spello is a suburban villa of the imperial age, dating back to the II – III century a.C., features 500 square meters of polychrome mosaics of fine workmanship, belonging to the central body of the building of which 14 different rooms have been found.

The rooms, named according the iconography of their mosaics, feature geometric motifs and figures with scenes of everyday life, animals, allegorical figures, among which stands out the splendid triclinium, the room dedicated to banquets: here the mosaic floor is a hymn to Bacchus, to wine, a product has always been present in the agricultural production of this region, and to the fruits of the earth: in the center of the floor two men are pouring wine, surrounded by allegories of the seasons, animals and symbolic figures, to testify the prosperity of this territory and, consequently, of the unknown owner of the villa.

The structure that protects this very important archaeological site was conceived, based on the most modern architectural trends, as an element that blends in well with the surrounding context, recalling with its cover the small reliefs that once covered the archaeological site. The building is also an indispensable tool for visitors to use the site, with its walkways that allow people to admire the mosaics from a favorable perspective, as well as being a place of interest and development of skills for visitors of all ages, thanks to the activities proposed in its multimedia room. Particular attention is also paid to respect for the environment thanks to eco-sustainable and low-impact solutions such as the photovoltaic system that powers the internal and external lighting and the water collection system, used for the irrigation of aromatic plants present on the coverage, in connection with the surrounding area.


The visit to the Villa dei Mosaici is implemented by multimedia: while admiring the mosaic rugs and, from the top of the catwalks you can see the sequence of the various rooms, on the suspended screens scroll the images of the same rooms with their presumed furnishings and their intended use, for a better understanding of what you are admiring; at the same time, by downloading the dedicated app, further information can be listened thanks to the I Beacon technology whose sensors, at our passage, activate insights, photos and an audio guide.

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