Civitella del Lago. Ovo Pinto: a museum, an art competition, a guided tour

Museo Ovo Pinto

After a period of great uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Civitella del Lago, in Umbria, the cultural proposals start again with the Museo dell’Ovo Pinto, the Exhibition and guided visits to the Museum and the archaeological area of ​​Scoppieto. The Ovo Pinto 2020 Competition Exhibition, suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been postponed to August. The competition…

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Civitella del Lago. Ovo Pinto (Painted Egg) Museum: art and tradition

ovo pinto

The Ovo Pinto museum is located in Civitella del Lago, a charming medieval village perfectly preserved. Walking inside the castle walls, between narrow streets and elegant Renaissance palaces, the atmosphere is timeless. The good location, on top of a hill, gives visitors breathtaking views over the Tiber River and Corbara Lake, and the eye can range, on clear days, up…

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