FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • I would like to have the opportunity to write about a place / event of cultural interest, is it possible to send texts to your editorial office?

Any contribution that enriches the cultural offer of the newspaper is welcome. It is possible to send articles talking about places or cultural events to the following email address: info@umbriaecultura.it.

The articles sent must be written only and EXCLUSIVELY for Umbria e Cultura, they must have QUALITY and interesting contents, and must not contain links or texts of commercial content. The texts will be screened by the editorial staff that will trash those it deems inadequate. The total, partial or any modification of the text will be published according to the decision of the responsible director.
All this to guarantee the quality of the information.

  • Your magazine is available to host articles with commercial content?

We are available to evaluate any requests for publication of marketing articles as long as the article to be published respects the following prerogatives:

– the wording “advertising” appears

– the articles are similar in theme and style to those already on the site

– in the article there are links related to the topic

– the texts are informative and non-commercial

– the content is written exclusively for Umbria e Cultura

  • Who guarantees the quality and truthfulness of the content you publish?

Umbria e Cultura is a newspaper registered at the Spoleto Court, and only journalists work within it. Journalists’ work is governed by the rules on ethics set by the Order of Journalists to which members respond directly in the event of incorrect behavior. This guarantees the reader on the quality of the published content, unlike blogs, which can be managed in complete freedom by anyone, without the supervision of any entity.

  • If I sign up for your newsletter, will my personal data be passed on to third parties?

The newspaper is self-sustaining thanks to small sponsorships and with the voluntary work of the journalists who make up the editorial staff. Subscription to the newsletter, and therefore loyalty to the newspaper, is a support and an incentive to our work as well as being helpful in reimbursing expenses thanks to advertisements. The personal data requested, in our case only email address, name and surname, will not be disclosed to anyone in any way, the exploitation of the data is an incorrect procedure that we disapprove, and will not be used by Umbria e Cultura if not for sending of the monthly newsletter that proposes the list of published articles.