Hot air balloons. We meet the Seghers: a passion driven by the wind

segehrs mongolfiere balloons

Curiosity, behind the scenes, everything you ever wanted to ask about hot air balloons and you never dared: we interview Jos and Karin Seghers, veterans of the Italian International Baloon Grand Prix that is taking place in the skies of Todi. The spectacle of colored skies from hot air balloons returns to Todi with the Italian International Baloon Grand Prix…

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Umbria unveiled: The Brick Museum in Marsciano

brick museum museo laterizio marsciano

Why should we visit a Brick Museum? Bricks are used to realize buildings and have nothing to do with culture, art, beauty… Nothing could be further from the truth: I realize it as soon as I enter the first rooms of the Museum. Bricks are a fundamental component of human life, from when man started to build dwellings that could…

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