The Auditorium of Mecenate in Rome

auditorium di mecenate

The Auditorium of Mecenate, now submerged in the traffic of Rome, was a place of entertainment and delights Probably even to many Romans, who hastily pass along the busy via Merulana, the auditorium of Mecenate is almost unknown. Inside an anonymous urban garden, nothing leads us to suspect that, passing through a small door, you find yourself catapulted into the…

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The Garden of a Hundred Roses near Foligno

rosa jane austen garden of a hundred roses

Andrea opens his Garden of a Hundred Roses, and time stops, while the intense perfume of the roses reveals their presence. The garden was born, like any private garden, from the owner’s passion. In the case of Andrea Emiliani gardening, besides being his great passion, is also his profession. Passion that is born and grows together with Andrea, thanks to…

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