San Pietro in Valle: The charm of a benedictine abbey in pristine nature of Valnerina

san pietro in valle esterno

The road that leads to the abbey of San Pietro in Valle runs along the Nera Valley is a monument by itself, flanked by green wooded mountains dotted with the ruins of medieval towers built many years ago to control the valley. On one of these mountains, the Monte Solenne, lies the amazing abbey of San Pietro in Valle, a…

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Ocriculum Archaeological park: A.D. 168, a jump back in time

ocriculum 168 ocricolum archaeological park

In the Ocriculum Archaeological Park it is possible, for three days a year, to live in the atmosphere of Ancient Rome There is a place in Umbria, near the town of Otricoli, where it is possible, for a few days a year, to go back in time and dive in the atmosphere of ancient Rome, in the time of the…

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