Ocriculum Archaeological park: A.D. 168, a jump back in time

ocriculum 168 ocricolum archaeological park

In the Ocriculum Archaeological Park it is possible, for three days a year, to live in the atmosphere of Ancient Rome

There is a place in Umbria, near the town of Otricoli, where it is possible, for a few days a year, to go back in time and dive in the atmosphere of ancient Rome, in the time of the emperors Marcus Aurelius and Lucio Vero. The Archaeological Park of Ocriculum, in fact, hosts every year in June, “Ocriculum: A.D. 168 “, three days of re-enactment during which to experience the time and suggestions of the Empire.

Visitors who want to live this unusual experience will find themselves in a world so far only studied on school books. An extraordinary event that translates into a solid organization, which will make available to those who want to participate a multitude of activities and things to see. From the entrance arch where you can change your currency into axes, sesterces and golds, to the spaces dedicated to living history, from reminiscent tabernae where you can try tastes of the past to theater performances, guided tours, educational workshops for children. A 360-degree experience made of conferences, music, dance, food and wine and regard for the philological correctness of what is proposed. Certainly noteworthy, as unique in its kind, the complete reconstruction of the Roman river port on the Tiber river.

Moreover, the location that hosts the event is the protagonist: the Archaeological Park of Ocriculum, located on Via Flaminia, at a large bend in the Tiber, is inserted in a natural context of rare beauty and offers itself as one of the most important archaeological centers in Italy, in terms of size, state of conservation and richness of the finds. Here, in fact, it is possible to observe, among other things, the area of ​​the Forum and the Basilica, the thermal baths, the amphitheater, a monumental entrance pillar, a stretch of ancient Via Flaminia and, next to the city, the archaic Necropolis. All elements of proven historical, archaeological and cultural importance, which contribute to create the right environment in which to relive the Roman reality of the imperial era.

“Ocriculum A.D. 168 ”therefore presents itself as a combination of art, nature, historical dissemination and entertainment which, thanks to the success of past editions, will certainly not leave fans indifferent, but also the simple onlookers who will be able to enter the spirit of the symbolic phrase of the event, to fully understand it: “Time is running out. Not here, not now”.

Monica Palermi

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