Tagliatelle pasta with taleggio cheese cream, “barbazza” and broad beans

tagliatelle taleggio barbazza e fave

The recipe of Tagliatelle pasta with taleggio cheese cream, barbazza (the umbrian name of the cured pig cheeck) and broad beans is a first course proposed by La Dispensa di Ilenia.

Fresh broad beans are among the products of excellence that spring offers: let’s enjoy them in a colorful and tasty first course thanks to the recipe of Tagliatelle with Taleggio cream, “barbazza” and broad beans offered by the delicious fantasy of La dispensa di Ilenia.
The first course proposed this time combines the scent and flavor of taleggio cheese from norther Italy, DOP since 1996, with the taste of “barbazza”, the so called cured pork cheeck, a typical product of Umbrian pork butchery and the sweet pod of broad beans, queens of the month of May.

Ingredients for 4 people:
450 g of noodles
300 g of taleggio
120 g bacon (cut into slices of about half a centimeter)
500 g fresh boad beans
A fresh spring onion
Extra virgin olive oil as required.

Melt the Taleggio cheese in a water bath or in a non-stick pan. In a large pan, leave the onion to brown, finely chopped, with a little extra virgin olive oil. Add the barbazza, cut into cubes, and leave to brown a little. Add the peeled fava beans and cook them by adding a little hot water, the one boiled to cook the noodles. Drain the pasta and mix it in the pan with the barbazza and onion adding the taleggio cream.

Allergic to broad beans? Let yourself be tickled by the recipe of Rigatoni with gorgonzola and asparagus and … enjoy your meal!

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