Rome. The Roman Domus in Palazzo Valentini

palazzo valentini mosaico

The domus found under Palazzo Valentini, the current seat of the Province of Rome are brought back to life and the archaeological finds are completely understandable, even for those who, alas, do not have much ability to imagine imposing buildings where he can now admire only a few remains of what it once was. During some works of consolidation of…

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The Colosseum: the secrets of the world known monument of Rome

il colosseo colosseum domeniche gratuite

The Colosseum, the most visited monument in Italy, the iconic symbol of western civilization, the architectural work destination of tourists from all over the world, who doesn’t know it? Or rather, who doesn’t think he knows him? In this article you’ll find some gems that, perhaps, even those who pass the Colosseum every day to move to Rome, ignore or…

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