Rome. The Roman Domus in Palazzo Valentini

palazzo valentini mosaico

The domus found under Palazzo Valentini, the current seat of the Province of Rome are brought back to life and the archaeological finds are completely understandable, even for those who, alas, do not have much ability to imagine imposing buildings where he can now admire only a few remains of what it once was.

During some works of consolidation of the Palace, this archaeological site came to light: a site of extreme importance, which provided additional valuable informations about the ancient, medieval and modern topography of the city. This is a Domus owned by a very important man of that time (perhaps a senator), hidden under the foundations of the Palace, with its polychrome mosaics, statues, finds of various kinds, including food, through which it’s partially posible to rebuild the diet of the Romans.

In a “dark” walk through rooms belonging to patricians of the imperial era, visitors, thanks to technology, can see the rooms, the frescoes, the missing portions reborn around themselves of mosaic floors.

With the help of projections, films, plays of light, sound effects, it is possible to see, and not only imagine, wall structures, environments, peristyles, spas, salons, decorations, kitchens and furnishings, while we are told about the daily life that in all probability led the landlord between receptions and banquets. A continuous “tangible” and understandable wonder of what life could be like in these environments, and what the construction technologies of the time were, for example to have running water in this home. Our host was one of the few who could afford this luxury.

No less impressive is the movie through which the Trajan’s Column is ideally “unrolled”, and the story of the conquest of Dacia by Emperor Trajan is read step by step, an adventure that ends with the death of King Decebalus and the triumph of Rome.

From an opening in the basements you can enjoy a privileged view close to the base of the famous Trajan’s Column. It is therefore possible with the naked eye to recognize and review “live” the scenes that we saw a little earlier, which is impossible to do from the usual point of view along Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Benedetta Tintillini


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