The fascinating mysteries of Narni Underground

narni undergound

Every time we look at the heritage of our past, we know, we retrace deeds and stories of men. But what is very fascinating in Narni Underground is that these men have a name and a surname, and wait for us to tell their story. Narnia, which takes its name from the river Nera (Naar, river) that flows at its…

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The Eroli Museum in Narni, the fabulous Narnia

eroli museum bassorilievo museo di narni

In the historical center of Narni, the fabulous Narnia, one of the richest of Umbria, for atmosphere and ancient buildings, stands Eroli Palace, in whose rooms the Museum of the city and the territory is housed. Narni was first Umbrian then Roman, the famous Narnia, its name derives from Naar = river: the Nera river flows at the bottom of…

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