The Medieval Garden of San Pietro Abbey in Perugia

orto medievale medieval garden

Inside the abbey of San Pietro in Perugia, a treasure trove of wonders such as the Cathedral and the Treasures Gallery, it is possible to stroll in the arcane charm of the Medieval Garden. Numerology, symbolism, religion… every particular contributes to create an aura of intriguing mystery around this “hortus conclusus” designed on the basis of medieval culture and Benedictine…

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The Treasures Gallery in San Pietro Abbey in Perugia

corale treasures gallery

The Treasures Gallery preserves furnishings, objects, works of art, from San Pietro abbey and from the two fortresses of Casalina and Sant’Apollinare   In 1892 the Agricultural Foundation was born in Perugia, established to manage the assets owned by the Benedictine community of the abbey of San Pietro, expropriated with the Pepoli decree of 1860, with which the ecclesiastical assets…

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