The villages near Trasimeno lake: Paciano

paciano trasimemo antichi mestieri umbria

The journey in the surroundings of Trasimeno lake leads to Paciano, a small village on a human scale that houses the Renaissance Baldeschi palace that hosts a singular Museum called “TrasiMemo” (the memories of Trasimeno) to fight the risk to forget the ancient Know-how. TrasiMemo is a remarkable place that was born to preserve not ancient precious objects, but ancient…

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The villages near Trasimeno lake: Panicale


From the top of the amazing village of Panicale it’s possible to enjoy a wonderful view of Trasimeno Lake , the same landscape of Perugino’s paintings. The landscape element, in Perugino paintings, achieves the dignity of an essential element of the work, an element that contributes, with its presence, to express the mood of the artwork. The wonder of this…

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Discovering the village of Lugnano in Teverina

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Lugnano in Teverina, whose origins are still uncertain, is a characteristic small village near Amelia. Entering through the door of the turreted wall and strolling along its narrow streets, on which unexpected glimpses open, unexpected treasures of art and history are waiting to be discovered. Between elegant palaces, squares and convents, as you go further you take a journey back…

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