The villages near Trasimeno lake: Paciano

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The journey in the surroundings of Trasimeno lake leads to Paciano, a small village on a human scale that houses the Renaissance Baldeschi palace that hosts a singular Museum called “TrasiMemo” (the memories of Trasimeno) to fight the risk to forget the ancient Know-how.

TrasiMemo is a remarkable place that was born to preserve not ancient precious objects, but ancient crafts and knowledge that risk disappearing and that must be preserved as pieces of an endangered culture.

There the colored threads of the art of weaving come out of the drawers, like the terracotta that gives life to the majolica and ceramics famous in the world and the art of forging iron and working with wood.

But this Time Bank is not a dusty place where you can admire wonderful examples of technique and creative flair, it is a breeding ground for ideas, workshops, where adults and children can become artisans of their creativity and understand how satisfying could beis to make, with your own hands, a useful and functional object.

The village of Paciano is a small jewel to be enjoyed walking through the quiet streets, appreciating the peace and the colors of nature. If you are lucky, or on request, you can admire a very special Crucifixion in the church of San Giuseppe, with a rather archaic but very interesting appearance, for the presence of interesting symbols and a rare iconography. The fresco was made by Francesco di Niccolò in 1452 for the confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

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