Beverly Pepper’s Triple Twist for Lungarotti Winery

triple twist

“Triple twist” is the monumental work created by the American artist Beverly Pepper for Lungarotti’s, a family who owns an historical winery in Torgiano.

The artwork is a 7 meters Carrara marble monolith, high placed on one end of an elliptical earth relief where the work itself projects its shape. The earth relief on which the sculptural part is located lies inside three concentric rings made of pink stone and cobblestones.

The spiral shape of the obelisk, which originates from its imprint on the earth, follows a vertical trend that tends upwards, in a movement originating from the earth that reaches out towards infinity. Three, the perfect number, guides the work that symbolizes the vine, life and friendship, as three are the women of the Lungarotti family, one above all Mrs. Maria Grazia who, in her heartfelt and spontaneous intervention, underlined the the value of friendship, in this case with Beverly Pepper, and of the work she created, which comes from the earth and from the strong family and cultural roots to reach out positively towards the future.

Triple twist had a very long gestation between moments of planning and stasis but now it is finally usable and enjoyable by everyone.

The presence of such a work in Torgiano, where the vine is source of work and life, is particularly significant: the natural materials of which it is made, the swirling tension towards the firmament, the number three as three are the Lungarotti “Ladies of wine”, everything tends to underline the deep bond of the work with the territory that hosts it.

The whole territory can freely enjoy the work, thanks to the choice, by the Lungarotti family, to place the land art work, originally intended inside the cellar, outside it to allow anyone to enjoy it. The construction of the work was made up of a monolith of splendid Carrara marble, whose project dates back to 12 years ago, which was worked with cutting-edge techniques.

Benedetta Tintillini



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