La Valle, a naturalistic oasis on Trasimeno lake

la valle oasis

The La Valle Oasis is a naturalistic paradise on Lake Trasimeno.

The large mirror of the Trasimeno lake, because of its peculiarities, is unique in the world. Vast and at the same time not very deep (its maximum depth is 6.5 meters), it is a closed lake, with no intakes, whose level is regulated only by rain.

For these prerogatives, Trasimeno lake has a strategic importance for migratory fauna and is among the 44 most important lakes in the world.

It is a strange effect to know that the lake, in the area of ​​the La Valle Naturalistic Oasis, gathered in the ideal triangle whose summits are the towns of San Savino, Sant’Arcangelo and San Feliciano, has a maximum depth of 1 meter and a half.

In summer season you will have the opportunity to admire the Coot, the Great Crested Grebe, the Gray Heron, the Herring Gull and the Common Gull, birds that live in this area throughout the year; coming from Africa, on the other hand, the Red Heron, the Sgarza Ciuffetto, the Little Bittern, the Cannaiola (a bird that with its 13 grams of weight faces the long migratory routes) and the Cannareccione spend the summer at the Trasimeno.


Every season is good for living and discovering the lake, always the same and always different, for those who have the time and desire to observe and understand the changes of a living and unique environment.

Until September it is possible, during guided tours, to also attend the ringing operations. La Valle Oasis is also an ornithological station that belongs to the INFS (National Wildlife Institute), where birds are captured, registered and released.

Once captured, the ring is applied and measurements are made: fat checking (blowing on the tummy discovering the transparent skin), tarsus and the length of the wings are measured, the third primary pen, age and sex, and weight of the bird.

After recording of the data, that will be transmitted to the INFS database, all that remains is to greet the bird by looking at him for one last time and … open the window to make him regain his freedom!

From the walkway of the Oasis La Valle you discover a world from a new perspective, it is 500 meters long, therefore it offers the chance of a real walk on the water.

Experience the lake not only with the view: stay with your mouths and eyes closed… the view prevents us from listening, to see life beyond our horizon, with your eyes closed you can grasp the distant bird sounds as the lake breeze caresses your cheeks.

The beauty is that every day is always new, the encounters are always different, the emotions never equal to themselves, and every day is a beautiful day to dive into the green and the blue.

Benedetta Tintillini


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