Bevagna. Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Carapace: where nature is art

il carapace bevagna strada del sagrantino

From a distance the Lunelli’s cellar “Carapace” is almost invisible, according the author’s intention to integrate the work in the soft lines of the Umbrian hills, the only sign of its presence is the great red dart that stands next the building.

The building – sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro is the first work of art where people live and work in, and that can be enjoyed both inside and outside, thanks to the enormous skill of the artist, who managed to mix aesthetics and functionality.

“Carapace” is the title of the work, or the name of the winery, as you prefer, a title that expresses, like the turtle, longevity and symbiosis with the earth, basic for those who produce wines (the estate covers 50 acres between the towns of Bevagna and Montefalco, where the Lunellis produce the famous Rosso and Sagrantino).

Architecturally it is a dome with an elliptical plan, its coverage, made with copper plates, has some cracks that evoke irregular cracks and ruts in the ground.

The interior impresses with features, we also find here the distinctive characteristics of the art of Pomodoro which, to reproduce the effect of metal inside, used a plaster made 90% of copper.

The entrance is on the ground floor, it is a unique room as reception and tastings room. Its walls are entirely made in glass to allow a 360° view of the surrounding countryside.

Through an elliptical staircase which, seen from the outside, looks like a ziggurat, to emphasize the sacredness of the place (even the name of the grape “Sagrantino” may come from its use for religious ceremonies), you reach the “heart” of the cellar, the barrel room.

A place of absolute fascination for culture, art, wine-making tradition and the ability of a family who comes from northern Italy, to capture the spirit of this land, renewing it without distorting it.

by Benedetta Tintillini

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