Valentino Fialdini ‘s “Double blocos” exhibition in Todi

valentino fialdini

UNU unonell’unico and PALAZZO MORELLI Fine Art is pleased to invite you to the exhibition of Valentino Fialdini Double Blocos to be held Saturday, April 4, 2015 over the two exhibition spaces.

The event will start at 17:00 at UNU – Via del Mercato Vecchio 16 – where will be presented the work Untitled of 2013 that is well suited to the particular historical and architectural niches of the old market of Todi. The blocks of stone and bricks of Roman and medieval wall forming the tunnel tube blend ideally with Lego bricks depicted in the work ensuring the expansion of space perspective. The real space blends well with the illusory image simulating a breakthrough wall that opens to another world in which the viewer will be literally involved. Physical reality and Reality recreated form, therefore, a continum is suitable to give rise to a new identity.

The show will run from 18:30 in Palazzo Morelli Fine Art, Via del Duomo 23, where there will be exposed a series of works of Valentino Fialdini presented for the first time in Italy.

This dual exhibition mark the beginning of the collaboration between two different cultural realities operating in the territory of Todi: UNU unonell’unico and Palazzo Morelli Fine Art. Two places, two stories, two identities with the common goal of promoting and enhancing the artists that thanks to their stay in Todi have contributed to guarantee international fame and maintain active cultural life of the city every time infusing new stimuli.

The title chosen for the exhibition is well suited to describe this duality and this split and on the other hand is inextricably linked to the modus operandi of the Brazilian photographer, who recently moved with his wife Doris into the countryside of Cordigliano. Blocos, in fact, goes back to Lego bricks used by the artist to build three-dimensional colorful microenvironments that are then photographed and printed on large plexiglass panels. Fialdini succeeds in this way to give a new life to these micro environments illusionistically expanding them. Fialdini part of the lesson in perspective of Brunelleschi and all umanisti urbinati della Città ideale giving it a new value option and visual art with bright colors and iridescent that give the works a strong luminosity and dynamism. The absolute rigor of the perspective grid is then loads a new energy.

The exhibition will be open in both spaces until April 25, 2015.

Valentino Fialdini born São Paulo, Brasil in 1976. Lives and works in Todi, Italy.

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