Massa Martana: the ancient Fonnaia bridge

ponte fonnaia massa martana

Near Massa Martana, in San Faustino, along one of the two original sections of the Via Flaminia, stands the imposing Fonnaia bridge (Ponte Fonnaia), half hidden in the greenery. The consular road Flaminia, which from Rome entered Umbria at the height of Otricoli, reached Narni from where it branched in two directions: one towards Terni and Spoleto and the other,…

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Massa Martana. The catacombs of San Faustino

catacombs of san faustino catacombe di san faustino

The catacombs of San Faustino (near Massa Martana) are the only catacombs in Umbria. Located along one of the two original sections of the Via Flaminia and originally born as a pagan hypogeum then converted to Christian devotion, their presence was already known in the seventeenth century. The space currently visible outside the entrance of the catacombs, on the other…

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Rome: the Horti Sallustiani, the Sallustio’s gardens

horti sallustiani esterno

Fourteen meters below the current road level, a stone’s throw from Termini Station and Via Nazionale in Rome, it is possible to discover the Horti Sallustiani, a little-known and fascinating monument that reveals the ancient “rural” aspect of this busy area in the center of Rome. The Horti Sallustiani, the gardens realized for the enjoyment of the owner and his…

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The archeological site of Poggio Gramignano

antiquarium lugnano poggio gramignano archeological site

From 1988 to 1992, an excavation campaign was conducted in the archeological site of Poggio Gramignano, directed by prof. Soren of the University of Tucson, focused on the architecture of a Roman villa, bringing to light an extraordinary colonnaded atrium of which the lower part of the walls and the polychrome mosaic floor still exist. However, the richness of the…

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GEP: tornano in Umbria le Giornate Europee del Patrimonio


Su iniziativa di Faro Trasimeno e una serie di partner, tornano in Umbria, dal 16 al 24 settembre 2023, le GEP, Giornate Europee del Patrimonio. Visite guidate, passeggiate patrimoniali, iniziative speciali e aperture straordinarie nei musei e nei luoghi della cultura sul tema “Patrimonio InVita”. Questo infatti il titolo scelto per l’edizione 2023, per stimolare una riflessione sulla gestione sostenibile…

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Segni di Cava: le pietre raccontano attraverso l’arte

segni di cava

Con “Segni di Cava”, Isola di San Lorenzo e la sua splendida Perugia sotterranea prendono vita con una storia narrata dagli attori Marta Calzoni e Alessandro Massoli celebrati dalle musiche di Giovanni Biagioli. Come incuriosire e catturare l’attenzione di un pubblico sempre più esigente? L’Idea è di Genesi che, in collaborazione con isola di san Lorenzo, hanno l’obbiettivo di valorizzare…

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The Auditorium of Mecenate in Rome

auditorium di mecenate

The Auditorium of Mecenate, now submerged in the traffic of Rome, was a place of entertainment and delights Probably even to many Romans, who hastily pass along the busy via Merulana, the auditorium of Mecenate is almost unknown. Inside an anonymous urban garden, nothing leads us to suspect that, passing through a small door, you find yourself catapulted into the…

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Orte: the underground path of an Etruscan village

orte underground

Discovering the underground path of Orte, the ancient Etruscan city on the Tiber river Orte lays on the top of a tuff spur with its particular “ham-shaped” layout. Probably founded by the Volsinii as a military outpost at the confluence of two rivers: the Tiber and the Nera, it became Etruscan, then Roman from 299 BC, and became a Municipium…

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Rome. The Roman Domus in Palazzo Valentini

palazzo valentini mosaico

The domus found under Palazzo Valentini, the current seat of the Province of Rome are brought back to life and the archaeological finds are completely understandable, even for those who, alas, do not have much ability to imagine imposing buildings where he can now admire only a few remains of what it once was. During some works of consolidation of…

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The Roman temple of Jupiter Anxur in Terracina

giove anxur terracina jupiter anxur temple

The view of the temple of Jupiter Anxur, arriving in Terracina, is nothing less than amazing. From the top of Monte Sant’Angelo it imposes its majestic structure inspired by the Hellenistic scenographic architecture of which it is one of the most important examples in our country. The temple of Jupiter Anxur belongs, in fact, to the series of ancient sanctuaries…

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The Gilded Bronzes from Cartoceto di Pergola

gilded bronzes from cartocetobronzi dorati di pergola

In Pergola, a small town in the Marche region, there is a treasure unique in the world, a very important example of Roman statuary of enormous historical and artistic importance: the group of the Gilded Bronzes from Cartoceto. The Bronzes, known as “Golden Bronzes from Cartoceto di Pergola” is one of the few equestrian groups from the Roman era that…

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Ocriculum Archaeological park: A.D. 168, a jump back in time

ocriculum 168 ocricolum archaeological park

In the Ocriculum Archaeological Park it is possible, for three days a year, to live in the atmosphere of Ancient Rome There is a place in Umbria, near the town of Otricoli, where it is possible, for a few days a year, to go back in time and dive in the atmosphere of ancient Rome, in the time of the…

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